How to See More Grades on Gradebook Grid 

The Grade Book Grid portion of Progress Book is setup to show ten assignments on one screen. Additional pages are then added to the grade book to accommodate more grades. See the image below.

Grade Book Grid with Additonal Pages

If you prefer to have all grades on one screen, you can set it up using the Display Preferences at the bottom of the Grade Book Grid page. In the example below, the Assignments Per Page item has been increased to 50. Just enter a number in the box and the click Save Preferences and Refresh Page.

Set Display Preferences to 50 Assignments Per Page

The Grade Book Grid now shows all the grades on one page. Notice that there is a horizontal scroll bar that will allow the user to move the screen image left and right as needed. Although the system isn't perfect in that the names will move off to the left as you scroll, you just need to move your mouse over a cell and the name of the student and the assignment for that cell will be displayed in a little popup box.

Scroll bar on the Grade Book Grid

Scroll screen left and right


Move mouse over a cell to see a pop up of the student and assignment:

Pop-up message when mouse rests on a cell.