Printing Progress Reports

  1. Log into Progress Book and click in the drop down box at the top of the third column under REPORTS.

  2. Select the option STUDENT PROGRESS REPORT and then click the RUN button.

    Select Type of Report then click RUN
  3. At the next screen you have some options to select. IF you want to print just selected students (not an entire class), click on the SHOW STUDENTS link (see image below).

    Click SHOW STUDENTS to see all students in a class.

  4. Click on a student name in the "Available" box on the left, then click on the "greater than" sign to move the student name to the "Selected" box on the right. Continue doing this until you have all students and/or classes selected that you wish to print reports for.

  5. Next, select the report period (Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4).

  6. In the box at the lower left there are a variety of options you can select. You can select "Hide Assignments," "Parent Signature Line," and a variety of other options.

  7. Select the type of report you would like. The recommended type is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat file) or an Excel file.

  8. Last, click SUBMIT.   The first image listed below is an example of a PDF report with "parent signature line" and "hide assignments" options selected. Notice that, even though the individual assignments do no show up, the assignment types are listed with the associated weight and points. A request has been made to only show the overall grade and not the weighted areas. As of now, there is no option to take the assignment types off. The second image shows the same student without the "Hide Assignments" option checked.

    Student Progress Report - Assignments are hidden.

    Student Progress Report - Assignments are listed.