Change SSID for Aerohive APs

To change the password on an SSID.  Go to Configuration -> SSIDs in the Hivemanager, and click on the SSID you wish to change. (See password database for URL, username, and password)

On the SSID settings, you will see a field for the encryption key.  Erease they key that's in there currently and input a new password in both the "Key value" and "Confirm Key Value" boxes.  Save the change using the Save button at the top of the window.

Once you've made the change, you need to push the change out to your APs.  On the Monitor tab of the HiveManager, select any APs that show the mismatch symbol on the left column (the green square with the red triangle beside it), and then click "Update," then "Upload and Activate Configuration."  On the following screen, click "Upload."  This will push the config to the APs.  After doing so, the new password should be in effect.

If you still have any problems, call Aerohive Tech Support at 866-365-9918.