Issues: Incoming calls cannot be received; cannot make outgoing calls from teacher phones; possible static and scratchy lines also.



-         To check phone routing issues, go to the admin phone (12401) and dial the numbers listed below.

o      94161

o      94162

o      94165

-         If there is a dial tone for the above numbers, the system is working properly. If there is an error message, do the following:

o      Re-seat the #5 and #6 cards from the HS Inter-tel box in the MDF. These are the LSC cards  (loop start cards). They handle the phone routing.

o      If pulling these two cards does not work, pull the other cards and then check again.

o      If all else fails, call Esco and see if they can dial-in from their location and check our error logs.


NOTE: Esco charges $85/hour including drive time (they are located in Cincinnati).